Seminole Main Street, Inc.

A visionary group of individuals recognized that Seminole has a rich downtown with the opportunity of resurgent growth. Seminole became a certified Main Street community in 2012. Moving forward, the Seminole Main Street, Inc. program will pump private and public funds into the downtown district and focus on its economic development work to ensure the heart of the city and Seminole's distinguishing characteristics remain a vital part of the community.

Since the beginning, our focus is on current retail, recruitment of diversified and specialized retail, the development of upper floor spaces and image promotion. This is all accomplished through a nationally recognized four-point approached focused on quality and long-term investment.

Seminole Main Street Board of Directors

  • LaDonna Vanlandingham, President
  • Brett Butner, Treasurer 
  • Adam Baker
  • Jane Ann Pyron
  • Dillon Robinson
  • Pam Robinson
  • Steve Schoaps

Seminole Main Street Executive Board

  • Dan Hamilton
  • Jack Mattingly, Jr.
  • Stu Phillips
  • Tim Mathews


  • Lacey Butner, Executive Director


Our Partners

Oklahoma Main Street - Oklahoma Department of Commerce

For 25 years, Oklahoma’s Main Street program has been pumping new life back into the heart of communities across the state. Combining historic preservation and downtown revitalization efforts with powerful economic stimulation, Main Street restores the core assets of our communities and enhances the quality of life for our citizens.

National Main Street

July 1, 2013, marked the official launch of the National Main Street Center, Inc., (NMSC), a newly formed, nonprofit subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  With leadership from a new Board of Directors and CEO, the National Main Street Center will build on its long-standing commitment to advancing the preservation-based revitalization of commercial districts throughout the country.

For the past 33  years, the Main Street Four Point Approach® has been used successfully in approximately 2,000 communities, producing $54 billion in investment, creating 450,000 jobs and resulting in the rehabilitation of more than 229,000 buildings (see more on our reinvestment statistics). Building on this successful foundation, the National Main Street Center is committed to expanding the impact of Main Street by providing a new generation of research and resources to existing Main Street programs and extending our reach to older commercial districts that are not yet part of the Main Street Network.

We invite you to explore and utilize the reorganized mainstreet.org as a tool to support your work revitalizing our historic downtowns, cities, and neighborhood business districts.

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