Economic Development

Posted by Lacey Butner on 11/01/2015

Economic Development strengthens our community’s existing economic assets while increasing our economic base.  Our economic development committee works toward helping existing businesses expand and recruit new ones to our district.  Our committee identifies opportunities for market growth, strengthens new businesses, and develops financial incentives and much more.


In just over 18 months, over $700,000 has been reinvested downtown from private and public sectors. From buildings sold to façade grant renovations, our Main Street is starting to change in a positive way. Our economic development committee has completed a building inventory of our building stock downtown, and currently planning an incentive package to use as recruitment tools or provide assistance to current property and merchant owners. By diversifying our district’s economic base and converting unused or underused commercial space into economically productive space, our community can strengthen its economic assets and boost the profitability of the district.


If you have ideas and recognize potential growth in our district, we encourage you to attend an economic development meeting. Seminole Main Street would like to thank the current businesses that are located in our district. We appreciated your business and passion for Main Street! 



Seminole Main Street, Inc. Fall | Winter Events


  • November 30 | Girls Night Out


  • December 3 | “Holly Jolly” Christmas Parade


  • December 31 | NYE Extravaganza



For more information, please contact Lacey Butner at 405-382-8575, ext. 225, or by email at [email protected]. Check out the website at for more details.


Seminole Main Street, Inc. is a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit  that is dedicated to injecting private and public funds into the downtown district. The nonprofit works to ensure the heart of the city and Seminole’s distinguishing characteristics remain a vital part of the community.  

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