Fresh Air and Fresh Ideas

Posted by Lacey Butner on 03/04/2016

I absolutely love this time of year! This past week’s weather has been absolutely ideal and I’ve loved having my Main Street office windows open! With fresh air comes fresh ideas and Seminole Main Street is delighted for all of the upcoming changes for our district. We have a few façade grant applications in progress and we cannot wait to see these spectacular changes to our district! 

Spring is so close and Seminole Main Street is delighted to start April Showers Bring Main Flowers next month! Simply place your loose change into our specially labeled mason jars in select downtown stores! Every cent helps raise funds to beautify our downtown during the month of April! Our goal is to raise $500 to beautify downtown. If you have a "green thumb" or simply love being outdoors, call Seminole Main Street and volunteer today! 

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