Positive Changes

Posted by Lacey Butner on 04/10/2016

Have you seen all of the exciting renovations taking place downtown? Phelps Law and Title is starting to make headway on completing their façade renovations as well as two buildings in our 200 block of Main Street. We hope there are more renovations to take place in the next few months! It’s such a joy to see positive changes and investment being put into our downtown!  

Our April Showers Bring Main Flowers jars are filling up quickly with your support! Every cent adds up to help raise funds to beautify downtown. We would love your support to beautify downtown and thankful to all those who have supported us so far. Stop and shop at one of our local stores and find our specially marked jars to encourage this project.

Without your support, we would not be able to continue to grow our projects, events and programming each year, or improve and maintain the beautification of the district. Donate today at seminolemainstreet.com/members or to P.O. Box 2126, Seminole, OK 74818. Now is the time to help make history downtown!

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